Safety is key for Bike’N Tour. Please read our safety rules so that the tour will be safe secure for everyone.

We have carefully prepared the safest paths so that we use mainly cycle paths and pedestrian streets whenever possible. Fortunately, Nantes is well-equipped with more than 470 km of cycle roads.

Bike’N Tour guarantee operational electric bikes, maintained regularly by electric bike professionals to offer maximum security, to include checks of the brakes, wires, horn, front and back lights.

We remind our customers that the regular code of the road including biking rules concerns bikers as well.


  • We recommend wearing a helmet
  • There is a ‘priority to the right’ rule here in France
  • Please do not pass in front of your guide without warning
  • Les changements de directions doivent être signalés par le bras
  • Right and left turns must be indicated by arm signals
  • Concentration is key as danger often comes from other users of the road
  • Speed must be controlled
  • In  the city  center of Nantes, be careful of the tram  lines. It is highly recommended to cross them perpendicularly to avoid getting caught in the tracks.

Bike’N Tour and our guides have subscribed to a civil responsibility insurance in the event of damages caused to others. The customer is responsible for the electric bike during the rental and therefore will be held responsible in case of damages. He is also the sole responsible party liable for damages caused to others.