General Terms and Conditions of Sale (GTS)

Article 1: Object

1-1- This hereby establishes the current General Terms and Conditions of Sale of services provided by BIKE’N TOUR, that is to say, the organization of guided tours on electrically assisted bikes (e-bikes) with a guide, following predefined routes, allowing to discover the city of Nantes and its surroundings.
Visits are carried out in French and English.

 1-2- The website, hereby, is published by: IBISEO SAS Society-capital of 1500€ - Head office : 1 rue du guesclin, 44000 Nantes
Email :
N° RCS Nantes : 828345942

Article 2: General Rules

The hereby established General Terms and Conditions of Sale are reserved solely for consumers, defined under law and jurisprudence, acting exclusively on their own behalf.

In accordance with articles L. 111-1 and L. 111-3 from the Consumer Code, the main characteristics and price of Goods and Services sold electronically are available on the internet site: The hereby established General Terms and Conditions of Sale are applied to all sales of Goods and Services by the BIKE’N TOUR  Limited Liability Company.

The hereby established General Terms and Conditions of Sale apply to all CLIENTS who participate in the services sold by BIKE’N TOUR , even if the CLIENT has not reserved the service him/herself. By participating in the sold service, the CLIENT is deemed to have accepted the stated General Terms and Conditions of Sale.

The Special Conditions of Sale of each tour (price, route chosen, etc), as well as the General Conditions of Sale will be in effect on as of the date of confirming the reservation. BIKE’N TOUR  reserves the right to change all or a part of
the hereby established General Terms and Conditions of Sale at any time. The CLIENT declares he or she has read the hereby established General Terms and Conditions of Sale before validating the reservation. The validation of the reservation implies full acceptance of the hereby established General Terms and Conditions of Sale.

Article 3 – Reservation :

Reservation of a service sold by BIKE’N TOUR  must be carried out 48 hours in advance. If you have not reserved within this time, BIKE’N TOUR  will not be able to guarantee the reservation.
Reservation of a service sold by BIKE’N TOUR is made by telephone+33 (0) 6 52 62 94 64 , by e-mail: or directly on the website: In all the above cases, reservation is only deemed valid if BIKE’N TOUR has confirmed so by e-mail.

Article 4 – PAYMENT

4.1 The CLIENT pays for his/her reservation by cheque or bank transfer on the day of the tour at the latest. To rent a bike you will need to pay in advance on the website or to pay directly at our shop (19 rue jean Jaurès, 44000 Nantes) before taking the bike(s). Payment by card, cash or cheque.
The CUSTOMER pays his order by credit card,through a secure transaction which assures the CUSTOMER on the respect of the confidentiality of his secret code, as well as a part of the number of his bank card. The accepted bank cards are Carte Bleue, Visa, Eurocard / MasterCard network. The transaction is immediately debited from the customer’s bank card after data checking, with the arrival of the debit authorization from the company responsible for the bank card used by the Customer. According to the article L. 132-2 of the Monetary-Financial Code, the commitment to pay given by means of a payment card is irrevocable. When the Customer gives information concerning his credit card, he authorizes Bike'N Tour to charge the amount corresponding to the Price All Inclusive from his credit card. To that purpose, the Customer confirms that he’s the holder of the bank card to be debited and that it’s his own name which is written the bank card. The Customer informs his credit card’s sixteen numbers, its expiration date and the 3-digit security code. If the debit of Price All Inclusive is not possible, the on-line Sale would be solved immediately by full rights and the Order would be cancelled. Bike'N Tour makes all the efforts to insure the confidentiality and the security of the data on the website

4.2. When the code of the bank card is entered, and validated, the reservation is confirmed and cannot be cancelled and you cannot get your money back. When the payment is validated by the bank, Bike'N Tour sends an e-mail to the CUSTOMER to confirm it to the e-mail address informed on the CUSTOMER account. Once this e-mail received, the customer assumes the acknowledgement of his reservation.

For “Groups and companies”, 40% of the total quote amount must be paid in advance to confirm the booking.

Article 5 - retractation

According to the article L. 121-20 of the Consumer Code, the CUSTOMER has the right of retraction of seven days from the validation of its reservation. However, the article L 121-20-4 of the Consumer Code states that leisure activities services which must be done in a certain date do not enter in this case and the right of retraction of seven days is not applicable.


6.1 Cancellation of the reservation by the client

If the CLIENT intends to cancel his/her reservation, he/she must inform BIKE’N TOUR  at least 48 hrs before the
beginning of the reserved tour, by e-mail at the following address:, by telephone at the following number: +33 (0) 6 52 62 94 64 or by registered post with acknowledgment of receipt to the following address: 1 rue du guesclin, 44000 Nantes, France. In the event of cancellation by registered post with acknowledgement of receipt, the date of
receipt of the letter will be taken into account to calculate the aforementioned time limit.

Reimbursement will be carried out by bank transfer within the thirty days following cancellation.
Any cancellation, made under 48 hrs before the date and time of the reserved service, will not be accepted or reimbursed by BIKE’N TOUR. Any part or total interruption of the service on behalf of the CLIENT will not result in reimbursement or compensation. 

6.2 Cancellation of the reservation by the client “Groups and companies”

Any cancellation or modification of the service or the number of participants one week before the date of the ordered service will be not included in the invoice. In case of total cancellation of the service one week after the ordered service, the deposit of 50% of the total amount (including VAT) will be entirely collected. In case of modification of the number of participants less than one week before the ordered service takes place, the amount of the estimate signed proactively will be charged.

6.3. Cancellation of the service by BIKE’N TOUR

BIKE’N TOUR reserves the right to cancel a reserved service if the safety or well-being of the participants are at stake, if only one person booked the tour. The decision to go ahead with the service or cancel it belongs to BIKE’N TOUR. In the event of cancellation by BIKE’N TOUR, the latter commits itself to reimbursing the CLIENT in full. If the service is stopped before
having started, BIKE’N TOUR commits itself to reimbursing all, or part of, the paid amount, after the latter has evaluating the sum.

Reimbursement will be carried out by bank transfer within thirty days from the day of cancellation.

Article 7 – Service

The contents of the service are laid out on the website BIKE’N TOUR  provides the CLIENT with an electrically assisted bike and its equipment, to undertake a predefined tour with a guide.

7.1 The electrically assisted bike and its equipment

The electrically assisted bike (e-bike) provided has sufficient battery life for the tours on offer, and comes equipped with the following accessories: a bike lock (attached to the frame), a poncho if it rains, a protective helmet and reflective jacket, and a bottle of water. The bike can carry a child's seat or a bike trailer if necessary.

7.2 Access to services

Access to services offered by BIKE’N TOUR is open to minor children of 1 to 18 years old, provided he/she is accompanied by an adult and is within the height and weight limits mentioned below. The bike can be used by a person who measures 1m40cm and above, and weighs less than 110 kilos.  
A minimun of 4 persons is needed to start the tour (with public prices)/ However we can organise a private bike tour on demand, please ask us for a quote.

7.3 How the tour works

The meeting point is located near “place de Bretagne”, 44000 Nantes, at the arranged time. The guide will then come and greet the clients taking part in the visit and lead them to the bike storage facility located in NGE parking Bretagne. The
starting point of the tour is located at the bike storage facility, provided by NGE parking Bretagne.

 It is absolutely necessary for the CLIENT to turn up at the meeting point at least 10 minutes prior to departure. Times indicated on the reservation confirmation receipt must be fully respected. If there are any late arrivals, this could result in cancellation of the Tour, with neither reimbursement nor compensation.

7.4 The guide

Prior to departure, the guide will talk you through the safety regulations, give out safety equipment and explain how the Electrically Assisted Bike works. Only the guide will decide on the pace of the tour, what stops will be made, and on the itinerary, adapted according to what participants can manage. The guide reserves the right to cancel a tour, or change a route if the safety or well-being of the participants are at stake. 

7.5 Condition of Client participation

The CLIENT agrees to cycle carefully at a sensible pace. The CLIENT declares that he/she is capable of using an electric bike and is fit enough to ride it. The CLIENT agrees to respect the Highway Code and the safety regulations given by BIKE’N TOUR before departure. The CLIENT is forbidden from leaving the group, except if the guide has invited him/her to do so exceptionally. The CLIENT is solely responsible for his/her behavior on public roads. BIKE’N TOUR will not be held accountable for any accident which resulted from the behavior of the CLIENT or third-party. It is the CLIENT'S responsibility to look after the electric bike, as well as all equipment.

7.6 Return of the bike

The CLIENT agrees to return the bike provided at the end of the tour. The bike must be returned to where it was taken at the bike storage facility in Parking NGE Bretagne, place de Bretagne, 44000 Nantes.


BIKE’N TOUR provides clients with an electric bike in proper working order, regularly serviced, which adheres to current regulations and safety requirements. BIKE’N TOUR  has taken out a liability insurance. Prior to the tour, the guide will go through safety regulations, which the client must agree to.

Safety regulations are available for consultation and printable at the following address: Safety regulations are sent to each client who has reserved. The CLIENT is solely responsible for riding the Bike he/she is using. BIKE’N TOUR cannot be held accountable for any damage caused to the CLIENT during the visit. The CLIENT is solely responsible for any damages he/she causes to third parties or other participants in the tour. Parents or legal representatives of a participating minor will be held responsible for any damage caused by the latter during the tour. The CLIENT is informed that he/she must take out liability insurance, covering him/her for cycling, in the event of any damages during the tour. If such an insurance has not been taken out, BIKE’N TOUR cannot be held accountable for this lack of personal guarantee. Any penalties or fines which may have ensued from the CLIENT using the Electrically Assisted Bike will be paid for exclusively by him/her.


From the moment the bikes are made available to the moment they are returned by the CLIENT, the electric Bike and its equipment are the responsibility of the CLIENT'S. The CLIENT is solely responsible for all loss, theft, or damage to the Bike and its equipment made available to him/her. In the event of loss, theft, or damage to the Bike and its equipment, the CLIENT
agrees to pay compensation to BIKE’N TOUR  by way of damages evaluated at a maximum amount according to the updated norms available at this address:, which are the following:

The following items broken, stolen or damaged:

Theft or complete damage of the ebike : €1599;; Engine: €340; Battery: €350; Pedal: €35 ; Frame: €350; Mud-guard: €35; Bell: €15; Luggage rack: €25; Brake disk: €35; Cable or cable transits: €20; Front lights: €20; Rear lights: €20; Spokes: €20; Front fork: €300; Chain: €25; Gears: €50; Sprocket wheel: €40; Panniers: €40; Handlebars: €40; Saddle: €40; Key for bike lock or battery: €15; Tyre: €30

The CLIENT declares he/she has read this price list and agrees to pay the predetermined damages fast soon as BIKE’N TOUR makes the request.


Whilst the tours and services are underway, photographs of CLIENTS may be taken. The CLIENT is informed and accepts that the photographs in which he/she features may be published by BIKE’N TOUR for promotion purposes on its website, or on social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, …

The CLIENT who does not wish the photographs in which he/she features to be published on BIKE’N TOUR 'S website must inform BIKE’N TOUR before the tour starts, or afterwards by e-mail at the following address:


The hereby established General Terms and Conditions have been written, interpreted and applied according to French law, the interpretation having been carried out in French, in the event the significance of a term or measure in the hereby established document were to be contested. In the event of a legal dispute, the French text, and not its translation into one or several languages, would be used as evidence.

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